Sunday, March 2, 2014

Elementary - One Percent Solution

A restaurant bomb killing three people and injuring several others including government agents and banking executives brings Lestrade (Sean Pertwee), who now works as the banking company's "security czar," to New York along with his perky new assistant (Sarah Goldberg). Forced to work with the man who took credit for much of the consulting detectives' own work in London, Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) bears down on the case while doing his best to ignore his old friend.

While Lestrade searches for the restaurant's missing waiter (Parker Pogue) the infamous bomber Aurelius, who has publicly taken credit for the crime, Holmes and Watson (Lucy Liu) search for a motive into the crime by interviewing the Executive Undersecretary of Labor (Maggie Lacey) and one other survivor (Bhavesh Patel) of the bombing. Meanwhile, despite Watson's objections, Holmes also spends time in an attempt to pacify a pair of roosters bred for cockfighting which also gives him plenty of opportunities to try and trick Watson into using the term cock in a salacious manner.

Seeing Aurelius as nothing more than a ruse, Holmes looks into the member of the dinner party specifically targeted leading to the consulting detective to begin looking much closer into Lestrade's boss (Bill Irwin) who Lestrade knows is connected to the case but refuses to share why or how. The dirty secret's of the CEO nighttime proclivities (and Lestrade's part in theme) eventually leads to Holmes uncovering the true motive in the case and Lestrade proving, despite his other faults, that he cannot in good conscience let a murderer go free.

Lestrade's involvement with the case, and his various interactions with both Holmes and Watson (who he tries to bribe away from her partner at one point), means we don't get much from the regular supporting cast at the NYPD in this episode other than their appearance at the initial crime scene. Lestrade's infomercials are a nice touch to get under Sherlock's skin, but I'm glad to see the tiniest bit of a redeeming moment at the episode's close (although I don't know how I feel about the character staying on for any length of time).

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