Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Intelligence - Athens

When Cyber Command is attacked by a computer virus and EMP Gabriel's (Josh Holloway) chip is effected leaving him with temporary amnesia and the governmental installation cut-off from the outside world. The chaos caused by the attack leaves the facility open to the recently-escaped Jin Cong (Will Yun Lee) to waltz right into Cyber Com, turn Gabriel from an enemy into a friend with a little misinformation courtesy of the virus, and steal all of Clockwork's secrets. However, before he can leave there's one more thing he wants: The Athens List (a list of children with the same genetic anomalies of Gabriel making them eligible to one day have chips of their own).

With the villains in control of everything they came for, thanks in large part to Gabriel's thoroughness, it falls on Riley (Meghan Ory) to talks some sense back into her partner leading to a final act showdown between Gabriel and Jin Cong. After doing his own part with a stun bomb to temporarily take down the terrorists, Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy (John Billingsley) fixes the errors in the chip (and set defenses against a similar EMP attack in the future) but also is forced into agreeing to protect a list he thought had long ago been destroyed.

The unique situation of Gabriel being under the influence of a hostile third party works to keep everyone on their toes. Playing the heart is stronger than the head card, Gabriel's emotions (which often get in the way) help Riley to lead him back to the right path before things spiral any further out of control. However, Jin Cong's plan seems a tad more complicated than he could have come up with by himself in a Chinese prison, and his armed group (of many, many nameless soldiers) are able to walk into a government facility under lockdown with the ease of shooting the valet and strolling into an unguarded hotel lobby. You'd think they'd have more security.

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