Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Crazy Ones - Zach Mitzvah

Hoping to land a potential lucrative new client (Cheryl Hines) in control of a brand of crappy motels, Simon (Robin Williams) coaxes Zach (James Wolk) out of retirement from his former job as a Bar Mitvah DJ to throw the client's son (Skyler James Sandak) a party he won't soon forget. However, when the only woman (Jackie Seiden) who ever broke Zach's heart shows up working the same party things begin to get out-of-control.

As Simon and Andrew do their best to help their friend get it together and save the evening a variety of other storylines emerge including Sydney's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) snobbish on-again/off-again attraction to one of the waiters (Steve Talley) working the party and Lauren's (Amanda Setton) wildly inappropriate behavior including getting high and trying to force the bartender to serve 13 year-olds.

Turning the tables and making Zach the needy one doesn't turn out to offer much in the way of big laughs, although it does force Simon into the role of emergency MC. The party is actually far more entertaining before Zach's meltdown and after he's managed to pull himself together to save the night (and the account). Gellar and Talley's chemistry and cute fighting is a bit off for most of the episode. Although we only get glimpses of Lauren's evening, from what we do see she had a far more interesting time at the party than the rest of her co-workers.

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