Monday, March 3, 2014

True Detective - After You've Gone

After ten years former partners sit down together once more as Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) explains to Hart (Woody Harrelson) what he's been doing the past two years since returning to Louisiana. Although it takes a little convincing, showing Marty what he found in Tuttle's (Jay O. Sanders) safe years ago, and appealing to his sense of justice and hatred of any crime perpetrated on children, eventually gets Cohle his partner back as the two begin to sift through years of missing children cases finding those tied to the ministry's private schools and the mysterious Yellow King.

Although we get short cameos from Michelle Monaghan and the two State Detectives (Michael Potts, Tory Kittles), the episode centers squarely on the former cops turned full-time alcoholic and struggling private eye who put aside their issues and pay their debt, not to each other but the victims of the crime they failed to completely solve back in 1995.

Although I'm a little disappointed that so much of Cohle's missing ten years was spent inside a bottle in Alaska, the episode does a great job with the reveal of how much he's done (which Hart is correct to first doubt as the ravings of a conspiracy theorist) to solve a case which has haunted him all these many years. With a possible connection to Tuttle, and some torture of a local sheriff, Cohle and Hart have a lead as the show moves forward to next week's finale and the reveal of the Yellow King.

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