Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Castle - Reckoning

In the conclusion to last week's episode featuring the return of Jerry Tyson (Michael Mosley and Dr. Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching) the precinct goes into panic mode as they discover the two lunatic killers have kidnapped Beckett (Stana Katic) while providing themselves a perfect alibi surrounded by police. Forced to play Tyson's game, which includes a staged murder of someone made to look like Beckett, Castle (Nathan Fillion) throws all caution to the wind attacking the man the NYPD can't positively identify as 3XK and later putting his life on the line by knowingly playing right into Tyson's hands.

In one of the series' most tense episodes Castle will race to save Beckett showing up nearly too late and in the wrong location, but before all is said and done the mystery writer will write the last word by, as Captain Gates (Penny Johnson) suggested, finding the real story and boiling the serial killer down into his base needs giving Beckett a little extra time in order to free herself from Nieman's makeshift operating room and an unscheduled facelift. Unlike the other 3XK episodes "Reckoning" offers a firm conclusion to Jerry Tyson's story (perhaps, not for the first time, suggesting that this might be the show's final season?).

By the end of the episode Castle has done something idiotic, dangerous, and brilliant. Beckett is saved, the killers are dead, and (as a cherry on top of the sundae) Castle's suspension from working with the NYPD is lifted allowing the show to return to normal (or its version of normal) for the remainder of the season. Although... the episode doesn't end before the topic of Castle's disappearance is brought up once again suggesting that story is likely to get more attention before the finale.

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