Friday, February 6, 2015

Stalker - Lost and Found

What begins as a straightforward case of a troubled high school girl (Cole Bernstein) with a crush apparently stalking and attacking a high school coach (Andrew W. Walker) soon becomes far more complex when Beth (Maggie Q) and Jack (Dylan McDermott) discover the coach isn't the only target of the attacks but the girl as well. Following her boyfriend's attack and a leaked video of the coach having sex with a girl resembling her, Jenny becomes an instant social outcast in the school as her stalker (Caitlin Carver) continues to isolate her from any support system.

While offering a nice twist as to the identity of the stalker, "Lost and Found" offers one of the more complex psychological attacks on a victim by a perpetrator with an ax to grind who uses high school rumor and peer pressure to drive home the effect of each attack. After coming to understand Jenny is the target of the attacks and not their suspect, eventually the team uncovers the reason behind them. The episode also picks up the trail of the Perry (Erik Stocklin)/Ray (Eion Bailey) storyline as Perry discovers just what kind of monster he's released on the world and the the show offers us a bit of foreshadowing on what Ray has planned for Beth and her friends.

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