Friday, February 27, 2015

Forever - Memories of Murder

Molly Dawes (Hilarie Burton) returns as a visiting college lecturer in the latest episode of Forever which involves the murder of one of her students (Auden Thornton) who had gotten involved in a detailed 70s roleplay (complete with time-period furnished apartment and clothing) with a man (Cotter Smith) still mourning the loss of his wife years later. Despite leading Jo (Alana De La Garza) to the suspect and getting him to confess to the crime, Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) becomes less and less sure of the man's guilt. Enlisting the help of Molly he recreates the crime scene (in the episode's best scene) hoping to find a clue to what really happened to the young woman.

I've enjoyed both guest-spots Burton has now made on the show but it seems Henry, and the show's writers, sadly don't see Molly sticking around for the long hall (which is sad as her chemistry with Gruffudd has added a boost to both episodes in which she's appeared). The murder itself has some nice twists (and cool decor) before leading Jo and the police to the real killer (Emily Kinney). The episode also gives us flashbacks of Henry with an older version of Abigail (Janet Zarish) than we've seen before surprising me as based on previous episodes it didn't appear the pair were together as long as "Memories of Murder" suggests.

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