Sunday, February 22, 2015

Once Bitten / Love at First Bite

Sometimes studio released dual-packs are an odd mixture of movies thrown together. That's not the case with Scream Factory's new Double Feature of insane vampire parodies from the late 70s and mid-80s. Once Bitten stars a young Jim Carrey as a sweet high school virgin seduced by a mysterious older woman (Lauren Hutton) who just happens to be a vampire in need of his blood to continue her immortality. Mark's increasingly odd behavior doesn't going unnoticed by his equally chaste high school girlfriend (Karen Kopins) who, in true sex comedy fashion, will discover the perfect solution to saving Mark's soul.

Love at First Bite is arguably even more ridiculous starring the world's tannest man George Hamilton as Count Dracula who attempts to fit into New York City while stalking a fashion model (Susan Saint James) he belives to be the reincarnation of his great love and being perused by a descendant of the world's greatest vampire hunter (Dick Shawn).

I won't refer to either film as good, but both work as guilty pleasures. As with most sets like this extras are non-existent other than trailers (but lets be honest with each other, you aren't picking this up for new critical insight into either movie).

[Scream Factory, $24.97]

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