Thursday, February 26, 2015

Person of Interest - Blunt

"Blunt" gives Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) a new number in a college con woman who, based on what we've seen here, is likely to be the show's latest recurring character. In Harper (Annie Ilonzeh) the show introduces another character who lives in shades of gray and could easily become ally or enemy of Finch and Reese as we see her hedge her bets and expertly play both sides when Reese attempts to free the woman and her patsy from their dealings with Dominic (Winston Duke) and the Brotherhood.

The return of the Brotherhood is expected, but the sit down between Dominic and Reese is certainly one of the highlights foreshadowing more conflict between the pair. Although not shown, Elias' (Enrico Colantoni) name is once again mentioned reminding viewers that the would-be kingpin of New York hasn't faded away and his interests and those of the Brootherhood continue to be in conflict.

The episode gets a bit too cute with the marijuana references (which include the episode's title), but the idea behind the trade creating problems and opportunities for drug dealers is sold well. The episode also introduces a new subplot for Root (Amy Acker) who begins her search for new allies. The first step, inventing a profitable app, gets her in the door with a computer company whose CEO seems tied to whatever mission The Machine has sent her on now. Whether he and/or his company is an objective, potential ally, or something far darker will have to be seen.

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