Friday, February 20, 2015

Stalker - Fun and Games

With no stalker of the week, "Fun and Games" centers completely on the series' ongoing B-story as Ray (Eion Bailey) begins his attack on Beth (Maggie Q) and her friends which includes a physical attack on Amanda (Elisabeth Röhm), the kidnapping of Tracy (Tara Summers), and the brutal end of Ray's short partnership with Perry (Erik Stocklin). His game also includes taunting Beth which leads her superiors to pull her from the case installing guest-star Mira Sorvino as the temporary head the unit until Ray has been stopped.

After teasing us with Ray's brutality "Salvation" shows its many forms in the attacks on both Perry and the investigator that comes looking for him, the shooting of Ben (Victor Rasuk), and the glee with which the psychotic takes in every step of his plan including gloating to Beth about his actions. The episode, and First Season, ends on a cliffhanger with one member of the team shot and Ray in possession of his prize. With CBS deciding to air only the first 17 episodes of the 20 episode run of the show's First Season it will be interesting to see if the show's final three episodes are ever broadcast or if the show earns a second season and a chance to finish the story and, one would expect, spend time on the aftereffects of Beth's kidnapping on both her and the team.

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