Saturday, February 14, 2015

Velvet #9

Velvet #9 introduces us to Damian Lake, the former head of Intel Division who may have been set-up in a similar manner to Velvet before spending a forced extended stay in a psychiatric prison. Or he may me a master manipulator, gifted liar, and completely insane. Or, what's worse for our heroine, he may very well indeed be both. The question is will Velvet discover what is true before the man gets her killed?

As Velvet gets one story out of Damian concerning an investigation that got his team killed and him thrown into a dark hole to be forgotten we get the official account from Arc-7 as well painting a far darker version of the man. It's likely both have some truth to them just as both are missing key details to give Velvet the information she desperately needs.

The real question is whether, after going to the trouble of breaking him out of prison, Damian is a comrade or a potential new enemy who may only complicate her attempts to learn the truth about who has framed her and arranged the deaths of two men she loved. Worth a look.

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