Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretty Little Liars - Pretty Isn't the Point

As a desperate Hanna (Ashley Benson) reaches out to both a pageant coach (Jackie Debatin) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) to help prepare her for what's ahead, Aria (Lucy Hale) enlists the help of Andrew (Brandon W. Jones) to spy on Mike (Cody Allen Christian) whose erratic behavior has made the Liars believe he is now working for A. While not doing any favors to any of the Liars' romantic lives, "Pretty Isn't the Point" reveals Mike's true motivations as well as what Mona (Janel Parrish) was up to at the time of her death (and why it took so long for Mike to begin grieving the loss of his girlfriend).

A little breaking and entering by Jonny (Will Bradley), although for a justifiable cause, comes between Spoby when Officer Toby (Keegan Allen) does his job. A farewell kiss from the struggling artist before his exit stage left only further complicates Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) feelings for both men. And Emily's relationship with Talia (Miranda Rae Mayo) may be over before it ever officially began as a run-in with Talia's husband (Matt Marquez) makes the Liar believe her new friend hasn't been honest when anyone about what she wants from either relationship.

Mike's revelations finally force the Liars to collectively question the accepted truth that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is A. Now believing they've been tricked into the assumption how far will the Liars go to help the friend they unintentionally helped frame for Mona's murder? And if they do succeed does suspsicion fall back on Spencer and the other Liars for the death of Bethany Young? Although we see A toy a little with Hanna's emotions, leading to a meltdown in her pageant training (including a fun dance sequence involving Benson and Mitchell), the show's big bad has been mostly unheard from of the past couple of episodes. With only five episodes remaining this season we can expect A to begin use of the various weapons the Liars put into their nemesis' hands including evidence tied to Mona's murder and blood samples of three of the four Liars.

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