Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stalker - Salvation

The Threat Assessment Unit gets an unusual case brought to them by a young woman being stalked and threatened by a group. At first the evidence seems to point to Isabelle's (Sara Paxton) ex-boyfriend given one of the stalker's attempts to urge her to reconciling with her former lover. The more Beth (Maggie Q) and Jack (Dylan McDermott) investigate, however, the more it begins to appear that the stalkers have an entirely different motive.

Identifying one of the woman's attackers (Craig Gellis) leads Jack and Beth to a local cult who they suspect is using the various threats to push the woman into accepting their friendship and protection. Uncovering why the cult wants Isabelle leads them to make a connection with the woman and the cult's leader (Michael Landes) who has been after the girl for quite a long time.

Once again the show finds a way to put a new spin on a stalker case, this time inverting the motives of the perpetrators. There's little to no movement on the Perry (Erik Stocklin)/Ray (Eion Bailey) storyline as the scenes between the new friends is nothing more than slight variations of the same scenes from last week of the pair broadly discussing their plans for Beth and her friends continuing to foreshadow what is to come.

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