Monday, February 9, 2015

The Musketeers - Emilie

The emergence of a peasant girl turned prophet named Emilie (Emma Lowndes) causes strong anti-Spanish feelings to flood the streets of Paris forcing Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) to journey to the woman's camp in hopes of discovering the truth about her. His mission is made more difficult b the arrival of both Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling) and Constance (Tamla Kari) who travel without escorts or guards attempting to reason with the profit who wants to plunge France into a war against Spain based on visions she believes come directly from God.

After learning of Milady's (Maimie McCoy) talent for assassination, and using the growing chaos to his own ends, Rochefort (Marc Warren) has the Spanish Ambassador (Will Keen) killed while framing the prophet's followers for the crime. Only by tricking the prophet by dangling an audience with King Louis (Ryan Gage) are the Musketeers able to convince her of the truth and force her followers to disperse peacefully by revealing the treachery within their own ranks.

Alliances begin to shift this week as Rochefort breaks with the ambassador, finds a new ally in Milady, and even convinces Marguerite (Charlotte Salt) to spy on the Queen for him. Continuing to advance his position by playing down the actions of the Musketeers to the crown, Rochefort also removes another rival by advising the king to fire Treville (Hugo Speer) as the Captain of the Musketeers. We'll have to wait and see how the shake-up effects the king's most loyal (but certainly out of favor) soldiers and who will be installed to take Treville's place.

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