Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Person of Interest - Q&A

While Reese (Jim Caviezel) works to help a programmer (Bella Dayne) who has taken up illegal martial arts fights on the side to deal with her sister's debilitating disease, "Q&A" picks up the thread of former number Claire Mahoney (Quinn Shephard), who was introduced earlier this season in "Nautilus" as Finch (Michael Emerson) is contacted by the woman he failed to save from Samaritan's influence.

Allowing for the return of Root (Amy Acker), if only for a couple of scenes late in the episode, Finch's subplot with Claire centers on the precarious nature he and his team have been living in unable to trust anyone outside the group but desperate for more knowledge and access to Samaritan. Claire, and what she offers, is the perfect bait for Finch whose instincts won't quite allow the show's smartest character to trust her. Finch's eventual capture brings back Root to save the day, letting us know that she's far from given up the fight against Samaritan and, whether or not she's working with Reese and Finch or separately, the small group still has an unpredictable and very dangerous ally in their fight.

The episode's number of the week storyline isn't to be dismissed as Anna Mueller's (Dayne) complicated life keeps Reese guessing what the threat to her is really about. The reveal of a company secret so devious it could have come from Decima Technologies eventually plays into the Finch's storyline as well offering us another look at Decima continuing to grow and prosper by acquiring more tools to reshape the world as it wishes. Reese is able to save their number and Root is able to save Finch from Decima's clutches but the group doesn't get anything useful from Claire forcing Harold to admit at best the latest confrontation was a draw, and, if they are ever to be successful in the larger war, his team will have to do much better in the future.

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