Thursday, February 5, 2015

Person of Interest - M.I.A.

The search for Shaw (Sarah Shahi) leads Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Root (Amy Acker) to a small northern town where on the surface everything seems fine. The more the pair look for the missing refrigerator truck which they believed transported their wounded friend the more odd occurrences the town reveals until our operatives uncover the singular truth about a town turned into an ant farm by Samaritan and toyed with at the computer's whims to get a better understanding of humanity.

With Reese and Root searching for Shaw, Finch (Michael Emerson) recruits Fusco (Kevin Chapman) to keep tabs on their latest number who, for the first time in several episodes, turns out to be a perpetrator not a victim. The episode's B-story also brings back former Internal Affairs Officer Dani Silva (Adria Arjona) who is looking into the same case. It appears, with Shaw out of the field for the foreseeable future, Silva may be called up to bolster the team's ranks.

The disappointment of not finding Shaw fractures the team once more with Root unwilling to accept the uncertainty of her friend's fate. Turning her back on Finch (and The Machine?) is a huge step for the character who I hope doesn't disappear for too long. The audience, however, does get a bit of good news as "M.I.A." reveals in the final scene that Shaw still lives and is in the care of Decima Technologies. Just how long she remains alive, and what the company's plans for her, are yet to be seen. Given her pregnancy we know Shahi's use on the show will be limited for the foreseeable future, but fo now fans can take at least take heart that Shaw lives.

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