Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hawaii Five-0 - E 'Imi pono

As Valentine's Day draws near Danny (Scott Caan) frets over Grace's (Teilor Grubbs) new crush in school, Jerry (Jorge Garcia) makes a move on the new Assistant Medical Examiner (Amanda Setton), and Five-0 begins investigating the murders of a battlefield reporter and former Congolese national who knew each other from the reporter's previous work in the Congo.

The search into both murders leads McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) team to a retired CIA agent (A.J. Buckley) with ties to the Congo who had dinner with one of the victims shortly before his death. Uncovering the story which the reporter was chasing, and which linked him to the other victim, reveals their killer as a former Congo warlord (Barkhad Abdi) officially killed in action but actually living the good life in Hawaii.

The climax of the investigation reminds us of Kono (Grace Park) sharpshooting skills which, despite the warlord taking hostages, allows Five-0 to take the man down and allow his victims to finally receive the justice they deserve. The Grace subplot allows for the return of Danny and McGarrett's bickering with the control freak former Navy SEAL taking the stance of trusting a pre-teen to act responsibly. I didn't see the pairing of Jerry and Mindy, but it's an intriguing idea for both characters offering them their own subplot on the show should the relationship continue.

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