Sunday, February 22, 2015

Elementary - When Your Number's Up

Watson's (Lucy Liu) return to the brownstone isn't without a few issues as Joan can't help but notice Sherlock Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) oddly considerate behavior to make his partner feel more at home all the while protecting her against what he fears may be a rash reaction to Andrew's murder. As the pair stumble along their reunion under a single roof the detectives are brought into the case of multiple murders all tying back to those who would have received compensation from a pending wrongful death case and whose killer (Alicia Witt) has left a sum of money they believe each victim's life is worth.

The set-up of "When Your Number's Up" is a little different from the show's regular template as the episode reveals the killer to the audience early in the episode rather than reveal her in the final act. The change, along with Watson struggle to understand Holmes' motives, works as the show still has plenty of reveals to dole out over the episode including why the woman is slowly murdering her way through a list of strangers and just what her ultimate plan is. Joan's compromise by setting up a separate office in the brownstone's basement is unexpected but it does restore some normality to the roommates' lives while offering Joan a space of her own (even if it does seem like a fire hazard after she decides to nail the door to the rest of the house closed).

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