Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hawaii Five-0 - Powehiwehi

As Kono (Grace Park) balks at Adam's (Ian Anthony Dale) latest marriage proposal until he distances himself from the shady practices of the family business Five-0 is called in on the unusual case of a recently-released prisoner (Xzibit) shot trying to break back into prison. "Powehiwehi" marks the return of Greg Grunberg as Jeff Morrison who the ex-con was working for in an attempt to take a dangerous criminal who no one has ever gotten a good look at.

With their only informant suffering from short-term amnesia McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) leads the team in hunting down the mysterious Roman leaving Kono to protect the witness who comes under fire when the real Roman (Ana Alexander) turns out not to be the person Five-0 expected. I applaud the show giving Kono such a big role this week but the absence of Scott Caan is certainly noticeable as the episode lacks the partners' back-and-forth which has become a trademark of the series.

The twist works, and offers Grace Park some big hero moments, but it was a little to0 easy to see coming given how much emphasis the episode but on the "unseen" nature of their adversary early on. Kono's subplot comes a bit out of left field given that the show has been largely silent on her opinion about Adam's business given his efforts to break all criminal contacts. The sudden ultimatum seems a bit unreasonable, although her husband-to-be turns out to be willing to make any sacrifice to keep her which, along with her near-death experience, seems to suggest the show may be getting another wedding in the near future (meaning I probably won't see the Danny/Kono romance I really want anytime soon).

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