Thursday, February 12, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter - A Sin to Err

Three-fourths of the way through its up-and-down eight-episode run Agent Carter finally turns a corner by catching Peggy (Hayley Atwell) and the various agents of the SSR on events and plotlines the audience has been fully aware of for weeks. Last week's episode returning the Howling Commandos from Captain America: The First Avenger shuck a bit of the rust off the show by giving Peggy an opportunity to prove herself in the field far from the oppressive confines of the SSR. It also introduced Dottie (Bridget Regan) as an agent of Leviathan which is further explored here.

Atwell and Regan are both given action scenes here as Peggy makes quick work of her colleagues and Dottie kills a lecherous dentist for the temporary use of his office. We don't get a throwdown between the ladies but given Dottie (unnecessarily) revealing herself to Peggy we can bet it's coming rather quickly in the show's remaining two episodes. I'm a bit saddened to see Peggy captured so quickly by the SSR as the show's best moments have all come from the freedom she finds away from the office which would have expanded greatly with Peggy on the run.

"A Sin to Err" isn't without its issues. Given what we've seen of Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) I don't buy him going directly to his boss about his suspicions without confronting Peggy first. Nor does Leviathan's targeting of Peggy for death make any sense as she's in possession of the one thing the evil organization wants and any attack on her can only help lead credence to Peggy's story about what is really going on. And, yet once again, the male members of the SSR are without exception proven to be one-note chauvinists and chumps, incapable of reason (or putting up any kind a fight against one of their own), who are continually led around by their own prejudices and Leviathan's puppet strings. If the show does earn a Second Season the setting and the limitation imposed on Peggy, both continually deflating the overall enjoyment out of the show, will have to be addressed.

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