Monday, February 2, 2015

The Musketeers - The Good Traitor

There are two major storylines taking place in "The Good Traitor." The first involves a Spanish general (Colin Salmon) hunted by his own soldiers who, in exchange for his life and the rescue of his daughter (Antonia Thomas), proposes to hand over to King Louis (Ryan Gage) the secret formula of Spain's new explosive which is far more powerful than simple gun powder. For the second time this season the show offers up an episode about a famous general and his daughter put in peril whose lives and salvation are left in the hands of The Musketeers.

The episode's B-story involves the growing worry in the palace of the illness of the young infant prince which leads to several rash actions we will likely see ramifications for over the remainder of the season. Rochefort (Marc Warren) uses the illness to get closer to Queen Anne (Alexandra Dowling), Louis turns to the physical comfort offered him by Milady (Maimie McCoy), Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) continues to be distracted making a mistake in the field, and Constance Bonacieux (Tamla Kari) commits treason in an attempt to get the child the life-saving care the King's physician is unable to offer.

Once again we're left with a victory of sorts for the Musketeers. The general's daughter is saved and the secret to the powder is denied to their enemy. However, in failing to bring the formula the King's most dutiful soldiers earn Louis' wrath once more continuing to suggest thier position with the crown is growing weaker as Rochefort's influence continues to expand. I enjoyed the back and forth between Porthos (Howard Charles) and Samara (Thomas) and wonder if this could be a relationship the show might build on going forward (seeing how the woman is now stuck in a foreign land with no family and few friends).

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