Thursday, January 4, 2024

Archer - Into the Cold

Archer wraps up its 14 season run with a three-part series finale promoted as a special bringing back a few familiar faces in a final adventure featuring Katya (Ona Grauer), Slater (Christian Slater), Rip (Patrick Warburton), and Barry (Dave Willis) back in non-refrigerator form, while the world votes to end all private spy agencies. There's quite a bit to enjoy here including the tease of a different kind of adventures should the show's creators want to pick up the thread in a few years.

The final mission for Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) starts with the group retrieving a bomb for Slater and what he thinks is the CIA only to find out Slater and Katya are working together and plan to use the bomb to restart the Cold War. Given that a Cold War world would be more receptive to Sterling Archer secret agent, and the plot is being co-headed by Sterling's former flame, he does have some mixed feelings about stopping them in some pretty smart writing allowing for at least the possibility of an Archer betrayal. However, eventually his love for his friends, and his hatred of Slater, forces Archer into doing the right thing.

Highlights of "Into the Cold" include a nude Archer in a jetpack and impromptu news clip on the beach, the callback to Zara Khan's (Natalie Dew) gambling problem which Lana (Aisha Tyler) makes good use of, Archer willing to let go of both Katya and the mystery of his parentage for the good of the mission, Archer's one-man escape (after his nipple torture) proving he doesn't the help of a team but then choosing them over his own desires when it matters most, the amusing Crypto joke, and the epilogue leaving Archer, Lana, and Abbiejean (Kimberly Woods) all in a good place. Nice to see the show going out on its own terms, but here's hoping this isn't the final adventure we see with Sterling Archer and all his wacky friends.

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