Thursday, January 18, 2024

The Brothers Sun - Favor for a Favor

The struggle for The Brothers Sun is finding the balance between the more dangerous and bloody aspect of the show's premise and the wackier over-the-top humor leads to some hit-and-miss scenes. There's a segment in "Favor for a Favor" that hits that sweet spot perfectly. While searching for answers about the hitman sent after them, and getting dragged into delivering a Komodo Dragon to a kid's birthday party, Charles (Justin Chien) and Bruce (Sam Song Li) fight for their lives against a group of killers all dressed up in inflatable dinosaur costumes brandishing machetes (which somehow goes completely unnoticed by the guests).

While the rest of the episode never hits that same level, there are a couple of moments of interest. One is the introduction of Charles' childhood friend Alexis (Highdee Kuan) who is both aware of the Sun family gang connection while carrying a bit of a torch for Charles and being a career-driven assistant district attorney could lead to some interesting choices for the character. Not working as well is Bruce getting hit on in class a couple times by a young woman who seems far to interested in him and improv to be anything other than hired protection for him or part of the mysterious evil group attacking the family seems very unlikely. The end of the episode, introducing Alice Hewkin as a creepy threat to Bruce, was more effective.

  • Title: The Brothers Sun - Favor for a Favor
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