Monday, January 1, 2024

Giant Robot Hellboy #3

There's not a lot of answers in the final issue of Giant Robot Hellboy. With Hellboy unconscious on the floor of the secret cabal who kidnapped him the robot he's no longer connected to continues to fight being controlled by Hellboy but not Hellboy... um, yeah. The giant robot continues to knock off various monsters on the island. Meanwhile, our intrepid soldier Jian escapes the island thanks to a warning from whatever shared consciousness is powering our Mecha-Hellboy.

The three-issue mini-series feels every bit the fever dream that came from sketches. I think a one-shot would have been fine here for the concept, especially as it leaves Hellboy back where he started with apparently no memory of events. The character of Jian, who survives but not before being exposed to radiation is really the most interesting aspect of the story as she's left as a loose end for another Hellboy story in the future to pull on.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

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