Monday, January 22, 2024

White Widow #3

White Widow #3 continues the format of the series so far with a flashback to White Widow's interaction with a well-known Marvel hero followed by Yelena investigating trouble in her new home. The flashback from this issue involves Yelena getting into it with She-Hulk who Yelena attempts to convince that assassination is pretty cool.

Despite their interaction, Jennifer Walters was not Yelena's target. Her actual target will play into the larger reveal in the main storyline. We get Yelena breaking into the offices of Armament, who have their claws deep into the town, causing a little havoc in retribution to their recent actions, and then later saving one of her neighbors from Armament assassins learning just what they are doing in the town, why no one without Yelena's skills should ever want to live there, and who is behind the company town built to train assassins on innocent victims.

[Marvel, $3.99] 

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