Thursday, January 11, 2024

The Brothers Sun - Pilot

What if The Parent Trap involved a Taiwan crime family? The first episode of The Brothers Sun introduces us to Charles Sun (Justin Chien), the crown prince of the criminal empire ruled over by his father (Johnny Kou). After his father is wounded in an attack on the family, Charles travels to Los Angeles to check in on his mother (Michelle Yeoh) and his younger brother Bruce (Sam Song Li) who has grown up in the United States completely oblivious to the family business. Bruce spends his time skating by on minimal work, attending community college, and secretly funding money into his love of improv.

The first episode offers plenty of surprises for Bruce in the reunion with his brother, discovering the family business, and running for his life. The over-the-top tone of slacker Bruce's hits a bit too loud for me, boarding on sitcom comedy while setting up the odd couple pairing of the brothers. I'm hoping that will get toned down as the show moves forward. The rest of the characters, and the situation which brings the family back together, works well enough for me to stick around and hopefully we'll see far less of Bruce's life outside the family moving forward.

  • Title: The Brothers Sun - Pilot
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