Thursday, January 11, 2024

Reacher - New York's Finest

After the only lead they had goes up in flames, literally, Reacher (Alan Ritchson) and his old friends start again. With only two more episodes in the season "New York's Finest" fills in several blanks to Reacher's investigation answering questions about the 650 stolen missiles and laying the foundation for the final two episodes of the season. In terms of the flashbacks, the episode is also notable for Reacher and his team being told to stand down on their heroin investigation which could make local military brass look bad foreshadowing the final piece of that storyline to unfold as well.

Just like the previous episode, "New York's Finest" isn't a bad episode but the pair of episodes do mark a bit of a lull in the season before events pick up in the final two episodes. The episode is notable for finally providing intel suggesting Swan isn't the traitor the former soldiers of the 110th Special Investigators Unit have been led to believe, and is instead New Age's fall guy. We also get Reacher and his team attempting to lay a trap for the baddies using the New Age employee (Christina Cox) who come come clean to them and her daughter to lure out Langston (Robert Patrick) and the company's hitters. Unfortunately, things don't go as exactly as planned with another character dying in Neagley's (Maria Sten) arms proving the episode with its title.

  • Title: Reacher - New York's Finest
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