Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Death and Other Details - Sordid

In the second episode of the series, Imogene Scott (Violett Beane) decides to help Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), working behind-the-scenes, while he begins to interview various guests aboard the cruise ship. The arrival of Interpol at the end of the episode will no doubt lead to a shake-up in the status quo, but the time our detective had with those aboard the cruise ship prior to their involvement leads to the discovery of a few secrets and motives. "Sordid" is also notable for confirming the true identity of the murder victim as Cotesworth's partner and the reason for him being on the ship and taking such interest in guests such as Lawrence Collier (David Marshall Grant) and Leila (Pardis Saremi).

  • Title: Death and Other Details - Sordid
  • IMDb: link

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