Thursday, January 4, 2024

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1

Marc Spector is dead. Isn't he? We'll get back to that one. Kicking off a new series we get a throwback to the previous series with a character, this time Reese rather than Marc Spector, talking things through with Dr. Andrea Sterman which offers the framing to see events of the past few weeks play out. Most of the issue is with the characters struggling to move on after Marc's death, the Midnight Mission holding shiva for their fallen friend (with a few Marvel heroes stepping by to pay their respects) and then getting back to work.

There's not a lot of action in the issue. We do get the short fight with demons Mr. Smile and Mr. Sulk, but other than that the only action we see are glimpses of 8-Ball being taken down by Moon Knight. The end of the last issue teased a couple of possibilities for who the new Moon Knight might be, with Hunter's Moon shocked by Moon Knight's return the list grows shorter. Had Marc Spector returned, and if not just who is wearing his costume? Possibly an enemy?

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 is a solid opening issue putting the supporting characters of the previous series front and center (even doing a bit of what I refer to as the Leverage strut) while also throwing in some bigger name cameos as well. We can see both Reese and Tigra struggling to deal with Marc's death with Reese attempting to carry on his work and Tigra hunting for the Black Spectre. As to what happened in the immediate aftermath of Marc's sacrifice before his friends could reach him, that remains a bit hazy. While it seems next week will offer a confrontation between the Midnight Mission and Moon Knight, I'll be curious to se how long the comic teases us with the identity of the man behind the mask. 

[Marvel, $5.99]

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