Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Reacher - The Man Goes Through

The penultimate episode of Reacher's Second Season sets up the show's finale by Reacher choosing at the end to turn himself over to Langston (Robert Patrick) to save O'Donnell (Shaun Sipos) and Dixon (Serinda Swan). While ready to make a sacrifice, Reacher doesn't do so with a few contingencies. Before that, however, we'll get plenty of action including Reacher and Neagley (Maria Sten) getting into action at the hospital, first in questioning a witness (through Reacher's own special method) and later in a shoot-out and a confrontation with mysterious A.M. (Ferdinand Kingsley) as well.

After a bit of a lull, at least in this series' standards, events pick back up here heading into an action-packed finale. We also see Reacher's team, understanding the consequences, disregarding order in the flashback sequence. We witness the team take down the cocaine sale which creates a high profile conviction for the Armed Services (what his superior wanted to avoid) and leads to the immediate disbanding of Reacher's unit as all are relieved of duty. This may have been the end of the 110th Special Investigators Unit, but we see why the connections formed lasted long past each of their time in the service.

  • Title: Reacher - The Man Goes Through
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