Thursday, January 25, 2024

Space Usagi: Death and Honor #2

Space Usagi: Death and Honor continues with the middle issue of the tale offering a pair of space battles for Commander Usagi and Prince Kiyoshi as well as a check-in with the villains our story as Lord Matabe receives a visit from Admiral Niiro displeased to learn his forces are locked out of the computer systems and the wealth of the Shirohoshi clan has vanished. He needs Prince Kiyoshi.

The second of our rabbit ronin's battles in space leads to his introduction to Princess Masayo of the Mino clan on a planet far from help and inhabited by dinosaurs. Along with keeping both Kiyoshi and Masayo (who are betrothed despite never meeting prior) safe, Usagi must also deal with his own feelings for the warrior princess who saves his life and warms his heart. With only one issue left to go, can Usagi meet the challenge yet to come?

[Dark Horse, $4.99]

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