Monday, January 15, 2024

Fables #161

The penultimate issue of Fables arrive which overturns Bigby's victory over Peter Pan in the last issue as the villain cuts himself out of Bigby's stomach to stand triumphant. Next up for Pan is the irate Herne as the forest god unleashes his wrath on Pan. The rest of Bigby's pack is kept at bay for this issue, imprisoned by Tinkerbell who then arrives to turn the tide in Pan's battle against Herne. However, just as things look bleak for our heroes, one more warrior steps on the field.

Fables #161 sets up a final confrontation between the remaining heroes, whose numbers have dwindled, and Pan. The loss of Bigby is a big one for the side of good, but Jack the Green finally found her prey. Also of interest here is Cinderella finding herself ousted of her cushy mundy job and seeks out assistance for what comes next making me wonder if Fables is coming to an end, if we might still see my favorite character continue on in some form in her own comic?

[DC, $3.99]

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