Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Dragons: The Nine Realms - Uncharted Territory

Offering another example of Tom (Jeremy Shada) getting carried away and pushing the team more than he should, "Uncharted Territory" also allows for bonding between Alex (Aimee Garcia) and Eugene (Vincent Tong), when they are separated from their dragons in a blizzard in the Cold Realm, and between Feathers and Webmaster who work together to survive until they are found. While I reject the premise that Alex is an outsider to the group at this point in the series, the pairings of humans and dragons works well enough to give Eugene and his dragons more allies in the group. "Uncharted Territory" is also notable for its epilogue in which Tom discovers he can unlock the capsule using one of the horns on his Viking helmet leading to another discovery.

  • Title: Dragons: The Nine Realms - Uncharted Territory
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