Monday, January 22, 2024

NCIS: Sydney - Bunker

"Bunker" gives us the ridiculous premise of a whole bunch of important VIPs allowing themselves to be locked in an underground bunker at an undisclosed location and nearly dying when the untested new technology which would release them fails. Among the group in the bunker Mackey (Olivia Swann) , Evie (Tuuli Narkle), and Blue (Mavournee Hazel). Meanwhile, JD (Todd Lasance) and DeShawn (Sean Sagar) investigate what initially appears to be an unrelated murder they then discover was the method the bunker saboteur used to get their invite.

As expected in this kind of cheap B-movie plot, things drag on to the last possible second in this ticking-clock mystery with the the agents in the bunker unable to find the saboteur until nearly to late and JD and DeShawn breaching the bunker just as air was about to expire. The episode is notable for the return of  Rowe (Georgina Haig), one of those poorly-defined spies working against NCIS earlier in the series, whose disguise keeps her from being suspected or recognized for most of the episode.

  • Title: NCIS: Sydney - Bunker
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