Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Birds of Prey #5

This series has begun to spin its wheels. With the novelty of the team's makeup worn off and no effort to really explain just what the hell the Megaera is or what it wants (other than Sin's body) there's not much of note in this issue except for repeated sequences of scenes we've already seen before, only less effective the second time around. For example, we get Barda versus Wonder Woman again, except this time Diana is mind-controlled by the Megaera making her a far less imposing threat leading to a different outcome.

The one notable moment comes in the reunion between Black Canary and Sin but by the end of the episode we still feel feel neck deep in a story that seems to have lost its way. The story doesn't go so far to completely stall out here, but any forward momentum we do see feels minimal at best. The jarring change in artist certainly doesn't help either. Birds of Prey #5 feels every bit a middling issue drawing out a story longer than necessary for the purpose of bulking up the page count in a future trade paperback release.

[DC, $3.99]

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