Monday, January 1, 2024

Harley Quinn #35

There's not an abundance of plot in Harley Quinn #35 with pages and pages devoted to Harley's monologuing and freaking out about her problems and the evil Brother Eyes monologuing about their plans (without giving anything away). The issue boils down into the evil Brother Eyes kidnapping Harley's students and holding them hostage as an attempt to bait Harley into a trap while also infecting most of Harley's new multiversal friends with their virus.

Although there' not much story here, the character interactions are still quite fun and the issue is notable for introducing us to multiversal versions of the true loves of Harley Quinn's life - the hyenas. That only is worth the price of the comic. Even if I'm still unsure just why the corrupted Brother Eyes want Harley, it's obvious she's not going to be shy about springing their trap which, hopefully, should lead to answers sooner than later. 

[DC, $4.99]

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