Monday, January 22, 2024

Cobra Commander #1

Choosing not only to acknowledge but also incorporate the goofier elements from G.I. JOE: The Movie into the new shared G.I. JOE & Transformers universe is certainly an unexpected choice. The risk plays out all right in terms of background, although I'm hoping we see far less of Cobra-La going forward. Set before the creation of Cobra, the comic gives us the background the man who would become Cobra Commander as a scientist pushing the edges of science in Cobra-La who would then be sent out in to the world to further his own ambitions.

Teasing the introduction of more core characters in next issue in the Dreadnoks, the first comic is squarely focused on Cobra Commander here with appearances from a couple of the characters from the movie in Golobulus and Pythona. And the late reveal of the source of Cobra Commander's technical breakthroughs is certainly of interest in tying the comic into a Transformers-shared universe.

[Skybound Entertainment/Image, $4.99]

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