Thursday, January 11, 2024


SHAZAM! #7 is overflowing with chaos for our hero to deal with. We start out mid-battle between our Captain and a Bizarro Captain high in the skies above Fawcett City. Billy puts his brains to work to defeat the villain which he correctly surmises is a manifestation created by Felix Faust. On a high of the victory, Billy is also elated to learn his family is moving to a larger home. Unfortunately for our hero, there's more chaos to come.

The issue marks another appearance of the Space Dinosaur Lawyers who first rise the ire of Black Adam showing up in Kahndaq and then later show up in Fawcett City with Black Adam behind them leading to a classic clash between the Big Red Cheese and his foe. Packed with humor and action, it's the aftermath when Billy realizes what his clash has wrought which will play into the events of the next issue. Oh, and it doesn't appear that the Galactic Auditors have been satisfied just yet either (well... most of them).

[DC, $3.99]

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