Friday, January 19, 2024

Role Play

Role Play is a mediocre romcom mashed-up with a so-so thriller for forgettable results. Kaley Cuoco stars as international assassin who has managed to keep her job a secret from her husband (David Oyelowo) for the better part of a decade until, in an attempt to spice up their marriage, the pair do some role playing in an upscale hotel bar which sets a series of dominoes in play that expose our assassin's line of work and the organization whose head (Connie Nielsen) is hunting her.

The film's first half-hour, involving the couple's attempts to spice up their marriage, is downright painful, although things pick up a bit after Oyelowo's character learns the truth about his wife. Even then, however, it will take a Herculean pit of patience to accept what follows with moderately passable action scenes and jokes that don't land in a film that can never quite decide how seriously we should take what unfolds. The actors do what they can, but they can't turn this turkey into a swan.

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