Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Death's Game - The Reason You're Going to Hell

Death's (Park So-dam) torture of Choi Yi-jae (Seo In-guk) continues as he finds himself in the body of a bullied teenager full of  suicidal thoughts similar to those that ended his own life. Using his experience, and a grown-up strength that appears to be to manifest through the young kid's body, Choi Yi-jae finds ways to stand-up to the bully and even go further eventually become one himself which only leads events full circle and ends up in yet another death. Returned to Limbo once more we see Death remarking about how he has yet to learn from his experiences, although seeing the boy's relationship with his mother he thinks back on his own mother for the first time since his original death.

The final few minutes of the episode set up a new life for Choi Yi-jae as a gangster on the run who avoids being tortured to death and finds himself in possession of quite a few skills and great wealth which he believes he can use as an advantage across multiple lives to thwart Death's plans. First, however, he'll have to survive.

  • Title: Death's Game - The Reason You're Going to Hell
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