Saturday, May 18, 2024

Action Comics #1065

Superman Saturday takes us to the latest issue of Action Comics where unlikely partnerships are the name of the game. Part of the ongoing House of Brainiac arc, the issue features Superman working with Lobo to fight Braniac's army of Czarnians who he's using to kidnap super-powered heroes and villains from dozens of worlds to power his mad plans (which have still yet to be fully revealed but the apparently do somehow involve the last surviving city of the villain's home planet of Colu).

We get Lex Luthor working with Brainiac, we get Supergirl taking a leap of faith and trusting Livewire and Parasite as she and Conner team-up with the villains to cause some havoc on the ship (after the Super-pair get enlarged back to full size), and we get Superman and Lobo in space battles and on alien worlds. Perhaps its not surprising that it's the last of these team-ups that blows up in our heroes' faces first as the other Czarnians offer the Main Man an offer he can't refuse.

[DC, $4.99]

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