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Fallout - The Head / The Ghouls

"The Head" and "The Ghouls" offer us the short-term forced team-up of the Ghoul (Walton Goggins) and Lucy (Ella Purnell) who he tracks down but only after she's lost the scientist's head to a water beast. The two together is the highlight of the two episodes, which do take a slight dip here compared to the rest of the season. We also get a pairing for Maximus (Aaron Moten) who, while still pretending to be Titus, is given a new squire in Thaddeus (Johnny Pemberton) who he will need to keep his identity secret from. On the trail of Lucy, the pair find the same water beast, defeating it and claiming the head, perhaps giving Maximus a bit too much confidence he can continue to pull of this rouse.

With his vials of serum destroyed, our Ghoul drags Lucy through the wasteland and trades her to a drug dealer. The medical droid in the fortified supermarket gives Lucy a replacement finger for the one the Ghoul removed, but also plans to slice and dice her for parts. Her escape is one of the highlights of the two episode run in which she also frees the dealers' other prisoners in Ghouls, some of whom promptly go crazy. During our Ghoul's withdrawal from the drug, we get flashbacks to the cowboy star's Hollywood days and his first commercial for Vault Tec.

In the weakest thread, life in the Vault continues with discussions about what to do with the incarcerated invaders and the preparations for a new election. Norm (Moises Arias), who gets chastised for his suggestion that they should be killed, begins an investigation into what happened in Vault 32 along with Chet (Dave Register), who also gets a new girlfriend. Discovering they died long before the invaders showed up only leads to other questions about Vault 31 and the truth of who is really in control of what happens in Vault 33.

  • Title: Fallout - The Head / The Ghouls
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