Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Dead Boy Detectives - The Case of the Dandelion Shrine

The second episode of the series provides a reason for the Dead Boy Detectives to remain in town, with the Cat King's (Lukas Gage) spell forcing Edwin (George Rexstrew) to remain, as well as provide a new mystery which will bring Crystal's (Kassius Nelson) neighbor into the fold. Niko's (Yuyu Kitamura) explosion of color, seen in the previous episode, is explained by parasitic Sprites () in habiting her body. Together, Edwin, , and Crystal manage to get the meddlesome duo out of Niko without killing her. However, the near death experience does allow her to see the boys as well.

"The Case of the Dandelion Shrine" is notable mostly for the friendship that develops between Crystal and Niko (before Niko can see the ghosts) as well as events allowing another character to view the detectives. Also of note are Esther Finch (Jenn Lyon) planning her revenge, Jenny (Briana Cuoco) becoming further confounded by her new tenant, the flirting from the Cat King which Edwin doesn't know how to properly deal with, and a host of new clients who have shown up for the Dead Boy Detectives' services. It doesn't appear anyone is headed back to London any time soon.

  • Title: Dead Boy Detectives - The Case of the Dandelion Shrine
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