Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Some challenges present themselves when Child Protective Services arrives to examine the house and make a ruling on the Vasquezes planning on adopting all of the kids. First, outside, the house is attacked by giant Man-Bat-ish creatures known as Jeepers Hybrids (who also reveal the Rock of Eternity is leaking magic into the world which sounds like it could become an ongoing issue). Second, the secret The Captain has been keeping from Billy is finally revealed.

SHAZAM! #11 is a solid issue with some fun such as Darla and Hoppy doing a little snooping, the awkward attempts the kids take to try and explain the oddities of the house (such as a full-grown tiger in a suit reading a book), and the big twist explaining the letters The Captain has been destroying (not for anything nefarious but only for Billy's protection) and why there is something, or more appropriate someone, standing in the way of the kids' adoption with the sudden unexpected return of Billy's mother.

[DC, $3.99]

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