Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Delicious in Dungeon - Harpy/Chimera

With the three parties together and the secrets of how Marcille (Emily Rudd) attempted to save Falin (Lisa Reimold) revealed, "Harpy/Chimera" deals with the fallout revealing Shuro's (Shinji Kawada) complicated emotions to the brother of the woman he loves. However, despite the internal arguments, the big fight comes with the arrival of the Chimera Falin has been turned into. After the fight, and what is left of his sister's departure, Laios (Damien C. Haas) doubles down on his plan to find and defeat the mad mage knowing that this is the only way his sister can be saved. 

The episode is most notable for the reveal of Falin's transformation. While sickened by what Laios and Marcille have done, and unable to continue with them (and even threatening to expose their use of black magic) he still offers them luck as Shuro and the others leave the party setting our original group back on the path again. The other creatures the party encounters are harpies whose eggs turn the episode's notable meal.

  • Title: Delicious in Dungeon - Harpy/Chimera
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