Monday, May 20, 2024


Galactus is out of control and the heroes of the universe have failed to stop him. The oversized one-shot is heavy on narration filling in events as Valeria finds the remains of Doctor Doom. Already failing himself to stop an out-of-control Galactus driven mad by hunger, Doom learns from Valeria that the heroes of Earth (and those across the universe) didn't fair much better. The celestial entities of the Marvel Universe also fell short. And now countless worlds, including Earth, have fallen. It seems the universe's only hope is Doom.

I would be curious about how this project came about. It reads like a mini-series which got condensed into one giant-sized issue that feels at times both rushed and incomplete without offering an ending to the battle it spends so much time setting up. That said, I like Valeria and Doom together and we get plenty of monologuing from the villain as he prepares for the big battle. 

[Marvel, $6.99]

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