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Fallout - The Beginning

The season finale of "The Beginning" provides answers for some characters, hard choices, new alliances, and new beginnings. Lucy (Ella Purnell) completes her journey, delivering the head to Lee Moldaver (Sarita Choudhury) and finding her father (Kyle MacLachlan). However, she also gets far more than she was prepared for as Lee fills in the past of Lucy's parents, he father's lies, where her childhood memories of the surface come from, and what really happened to her mother.

Maximus (Aaron Moten) returns home to the Brotherhood a traitor but will end the episode a hero, and trapped in a life he is unsure whether he truly wants any longer. Part of the force to reacquire the head, Maximus gets the credit for killing Moldaver who successfully unlocked the power of cold fusion before her death. The battle between the Brotherhood and Moldaver's rebels provides most of the episode's action, especially once the Ghoul (Walton Goggins) joins in the fray.

The episode also wraps up both the flashbacks and Norm (Moises Arias) investigation of Vault 31 both of which reveal more hidden truths about Vault-Tec and their manipulation of the human race. We learn why all leaders of the vaults come from Vault 31 and the truth behind the origins of the vaults which had more to do with corporate greed than saving the human race and just how far the company went to make their new proposition a financial success. We end with the hurt Maximus headed back to the Brotherhood draped in glory and Lucy choosing the road with the Ghoul rather than returning home.

The finale offers plenty of action and answers (although it does create some plot issues in terms of continuity, such as why the Ghoul didn't dispatch Maximus so easily earlier in the season, which has been the show's biggest issue over the season). A new partnership between the Ghoul and Lucy to find "her makers" and the Ghoul's daughter (along with the wife who destroyed the world) is certainly an interesting tease for a second season. With secrets revealed, I'm not sure where the Vault storyline goes from here (although a lesser focus on it would certainly help the flow of the series).

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