Thursday, May 23, 2024

Doctor Who - Boom

Inspired by a scene from "Genesis of the Daleks" where the Doctor extricates himself out of a landmine situation with relative ease, comes "Boom." The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) land in a battlefield on Kastarion 3 where the Doctor accidentally steps on a landmine and is forced to hold his position for the entire episode. It's an interesting setup for an episode, as in many adventures it would be the companion, not the Doctor, to get themselves into a situation in need of saving.

As has been the case since the shift to Disney+ and the reboot with Gatwa, the episode wears its not-so-subtle themes on its sleeves having something to say both about modern and futuristic warfare and corporate culture and greed that unknowingly keep this small group of soldiers fighting, and dying, against an enemy that doesn't even exist all to drive up the purchase of more weapons.

One intriguing note about the Doctor is the revelation that his death, by the type of landmine we see here that turns his body into a bomb, would have the power to wipe out half a planet as Doctor Who continues to rewrite the rule book on just who and what the Doctor is this time around. "Boom" isn't a great episode, but it's certainly stronger than the pair of middling episodes that preceded it. Here's hoping the season continues to improve. 

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