Monday, May 13, 2024

Zorro: Man of the Dead #4

Zorro: Man of the Dead concludes with Diego being rescued from certain death by the locals but his sister Rosa still a captive of El Rojo. With his sister captured, with the proof needed to bring in the DEA back in the hands of the cartel, and with limited use of his left arm, Diego admits defeat and plans to turn himself into El Rojo to try and save his sister and the other inhabitants of La Vega.

What our conflicted Zorro doesn't count on is the people refusing to let the crusade he started die, Bandido working on his own and allowing the tortured Rosa to share a plan with others, the Cartel's displeasure at El Rojo's recent troubles limiting what support he can mount against the locals, and the beneficial timing of the Day of the Dead allowing for an uprising against the cartel. All of this allows for a bloody finale. I've really enjoyed this version of Zorro and although this series is over, I hope we'll see more of Diego, Rosa, and La Vega in the future.

[Massive Publishing, $4.99]

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