Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Transformers #8

Transformers #8 is most notable for the number of familiar faces introduced to the Energon Universe for the first time. In an issue that gives us a good look at what the Decepticons could be under Soundwave's leadership we get Astrotrain, who was found trapped on the unearthed Nemesis spaceship that brough the Decepticons to Earth, We also get the return of Jetfire (although only in plane form), as well as and appearances on Cybertron by both Ultra Magnus and one of my favorites in Shockwave.

Less effective is the vengeful whining of Carly who can't understand why Cliffjumper couldn't do a little thing like commit murder for her. Her thoughtless out-of-control anger even puts Arcee at jeopardy at one point. I don't know how long writer Daniel Warren Johnson plans to let Carly wallow in her misery but any likability to the character is quickly fading at this point.

[Image/Skybound Entertainment, $3.99]

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